Dear Governor Newsom:

On behalf of the California Environmental Justice League, I respectfully request your
signature on Assembly Bill 2146. This important measure is an critical first step in addressing the clear and present danger that neonicotinoids pose to our environment ingeneral and our food chain in particular.

For over a decade, researchers have provided the federal government with compelling scientific evidence that neonicotinoids pose a lethal danger not merely to those insects considered “pests” that can decimate food crops, but also to honey bees, a species we are dependent upon for the effective pollination of a great majority of our food crops not merely in California, but throughout in North America.

In addition to being deadly, neonicotinoids have compromised honey bees’ contribution to our ecosystem in other ways. This family of pesticides has been scientifically documented as damaging honey bees’ ability to navigate, rendering them unable to find their way back to their hives. Those it does not kill, it often renders sterile. If unchecked, the harm inflicted on this species will have catastrophic effects on future food sources throughout North America.

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