Sacramento, California, United States – 02-08-2023

The Environmental Justice League today announced that it has joined the State of California’s ARCHES network – an important signal from the environmental justice community that it supports this joint venture to improve air quality and facilitate the transition to zero emissions.  ARCHES, the acronym for Alliance for Renewal Clean Hydrogen Energy Systems, is a public-private hydrogen consortium whose purpose is to accelerate the development and deployment of clean, renewable hydrogen projects and infrastructure, thereby helping to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are fully in support of ARCHES’ goal of an equitable hydrogen energy transition from fossil fuels, with the active integration of local communities,” said Tim Cromartie, Executive Director of the Environmental Justice League. “For too long, local communities, particularly communities of color, have not been the initial beneficiaries of technological advances, and have not been taken into consideration at the policy level on environmental matters. We applaud ARCHES for developing an integrated community benefits plan with meaningful community and labor engagement, to assure that project benefits will go to disadvantaged communities. This is entirely consistent with EJL’s mission, and critical to the success of California’s transition to zero emissions.”

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