April 20, 2022

Assembly Member Chris Holden
Chair, Assembly Appropriations Committee
1021 O Street, Room 8220
Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Assembly Bill 1857 (Cristina Garcia) Solid Waste —

SUPPORT Dear Assembly Member Holden:

On behalf of the California Environmental Justice League, I write to express our support for Assembly Bill 1857. This measure is long overdue in repealing a provision of law allowing local governments to receive recycling credit for the burning or incineration of solid waste. It may have been appropriate in 1989 when the provision was enacted, but since then, California has developed a robust recycling infrastructure to facilitate waste disposal alternatives to burning, and our scientific awareness of the harm that burning inflicts on our air quality has significantly increased.

It is appropriate to strike from the law a provision that we know will frustrate our efforts at decarbonization and the ongoing struggle to improve air quality while combatting global warming. From a fiscal standpoint, failing to do so will undermine the significant state expenditures supporting production of zero emissions vehicles, as well as those promoting the reduction of diesel emissions. For these reasons, the California Environmental Justice League strongly supports this measure.


Tim Cromartie
Policy Director

cc: Members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee
Assembly Member Cristina Garcia